Why am I a Catholic?


I am Catholic because I believe in one God, the Father almighty. I am Catholic because being a Catholic means being resilient. I am Catholic because there is always an open door.  I’m extremely thankful for that.

As life’s tragic and joyful experiences mount, it has been good for me to be part of this massive faith community. I am Catholic because I believe being Catholic is living in solidarity and knowing in mind, body, and spirit that diversity is essential for growth and sustainability. I think of this when sharing the sacred meal of Eucharist with billions of people each week. I am also Catholic because of how tradition and sacred scripture are honoured each and every day, and I know my prayers are shared and integrated with the prayers of so many others.  I find solace and peace in being Catholic because I know there is power in our collective prayer and worship.

I am Catholic because the time, talents, and treasure of our local and global community combat poverty and overcome social injustice internationally.  Our world needs collective love, prayers, attention and advocacy and I know I cannot solve the world’s problems alone.

I am Catholic because I know the Church will never abandon me or lead me astray, and because I know I cannot walk life’s path alone.  Being part of this amazing global body of believers is a glorious blessing to me.

I am Catholic because it is who I am and it is who God wants me to be.