Also known as

• Thomas de Cantilupe

• Thomas de Cantelow

• Thomas de Cantelou

• Thomas de Canteloupe

• Thomas de Cantelupo


• 25 August (Roman Martyrology)

• 3 October (in England)

• formerly 2 October


Born to the nobility, the son of Baron William de Cantilupe. Educated in Oxford, England, and in France at Paris and Orléans. Priest. Attended the Council of Lyons in 1245. Papal chaplain. Taught canon law at the University of Oxford, and was chosen the university chancellor in 1262. Diplomat to Saint Louis of France in 1264 during the Barons’ War. Appointed Lord Chancellor of England on 25 February 1265. Attended the Second Council of Lyons in 1274. Bishop of Hereford, England, appointed on 14 June 1275 and consecrated on 8 September 1275. Known for his large charity to the poor and his blameless personal life, endlessly involved in both Church and civil matters. Advisor to King Edward I.

Following a series of disputes between Thomas and Archbishop John Peckham of Canterbury, Peckham excommunicated Thomas. Thomas travelled to Rome, Italy to put his case before Pope Martin IV, was absolved of wrong-doing, and died in full communion with the Church while on his way back to England.