Saint Drogo

16th April

Patron of shepherds, coffee, and the ugly

Born to the Flemishnobility. His motherdiedgiving him birth, a fact that emotionally crushed him when he learned of it at age 10; he imagined himself responsible for her death. Later in life he practiced extreme penances, possibly to expiate this guilt. Orphanedin his teens. At 18, he disposed of all his property and became a penitential pilgrim, making nine trips to Rome, Italy. Shepherdfor six years at Sebourg, near Valencienne, France, working for Elizabeth de la Haire. Revered for his holiness. Reportedly able to bilocate, with witnesses seeing him simultaneously working the fields andattending Mass. Stricken with an unsightly bodily affliction during a pilgrimage, he became a hermitat Sebourg in Hainaultfor 40 years surviving on barley, water, and the Eucharist.