It has been quite the week. Upsetting and sad, sometimes very beautiful, certainly contemplative.

For some there is the simple grief of losing an extraordinary woman, for others a respectful quiet, and for still others, perhaps most people, I suspect, the memories of our own loved ones, lost through the years. Grief echoes grief, and as the nation loses someone special, we remember those special people we have lost. I’m sure it will have been a trying time for many. If it has for you, then please know you are not alone.

Some of you, I know, will also wonder what the fuss is about, and will want things to return to normality as quickly as possible. I understand that too. We are all standing in the same place, but we can look in different directions. Respect for each other is paramount, something which Queen Elizabeth exemplified.

In fact, I suspect she exemplified many different things to many different people. That was part of the allure. Whatever you feel proud of in this country, you could project onto our Queen. For me, it would be humour, tolerance, and service. For you, perhaps something else. Either way, we have had time to reflect on those qualities this week.

I do know one other thing, however. If human nature and human history teaches us anything, it is that the world continues to turn, even if we’d like it to slow down or take an occasional pause. And just as there is new grief every day, there is also new love. And as the world turns, we have no choice but to turn with it.

It also recognises that we are not here forever. So, Spread love, be kind, be strong for people who need your strength. Smile often, ask questions and however you’re feeling, I promise you won’t be the only one.