Jesus, our High Priest, only Mediator, mercifully bringing prayers before the Father: from every nation, justly we extol you,

singing your praises

Formed by the Spirit in the womb of Mary, Son of the Virgin, your right arm embraces all of creation, Sacrifice and Victim,

worthy of blessing.

Named by the Father Priest and King for ever, you were anointed with the oil of gladness, brought to high heaven and his throne of glory,

height of all honour.

God most exalted, mortal flesh assuming,

offering your life-blood, precious gift all cleansing, you paid the ransom, price of our redemption,

death’s curse removing.

Christ, who uplifted on the Cross of sorrow, drew all creation, piercing hearts with ardour, grant we may ever praise you and the Father,

one with the Spirit. Amen.