Durban House has been a pinnacle of the Broxtowe community since 1896 and our vision is to give back to that local community by creating a community hub that provides a range of high quality and cost effective services to the local community, with the potential to develop new services in response to changing community needs. 

It would aim to work as a community gathering space that meets the needs of the youth and seniors, families and single people as well as reflecting the heritage of the local area.

Durban house will  be a multipurpose building where local people are involved in decision making about how services are run and how Durban House is managed making use of local assets. Community hubs can benefit the community in many more ways than just providing services. We can help build a more cohesive and resilient community in an environmentally sustainable way.  

We will be transforming an existing unused building and providing a focus for community-led regeneration, promoting  and protecting the long term mental health of the public and promoting  social inclusion and helping to reduce health inequalities complementing other local services.

Your anonymous comments will be used to help us organise the right services and partners and to formulate an engagement report.  This will be used to access funding in the future and shared with funders and stakeholders. This questionnaire will be deleted after 6 months. No identifiable data will be used or saved.

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